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Nokia60206020PHONENokia 6020 phone complete with battery & charger practically new€28.50Photo1
Nokia60216021PHONENokia 6021 phone complete with battery & charger practically new€31.75Photo1
Nokia6090-60919780223Replacement Curly cord€25.50Photo
Nokia60906090-Complete-KitNokia 6090 Complete kit, tested working, all connections on loom, new curly cord was fitted if needed €289.00Photo1
Nokia6090Power-buttonHandset power button new original, used also available€8.50Photo
Nokia6090NME-3Transceiver unit used€35.00Photo
Nokia6090Handset-sim-coverHandset sim cover, fits lots of other models also€8.50Photo
Nokia6090Transceiver-coverMetal transceiver cover, new original€14.50Photo
Nokia6090Transceiver-shieldMetal transceiver internal shield cover€4.50Photo
Nokia6090Transceiver-cover-plasticPlastic transceiver cover new original€15.00Photo
Nokia6090KeypadHandset keypad used€9.80Photo
Nokia6090Handset-conn-covPlastic handset to loom connection covers€6.50Photo
Nokia6090Rear-handset-coverHandset rear housing with earpiece speaker included used€14.50Photo
Nokia6090Front-handset-covHandset front housing with lens used€14.50Photo
Nokia6090HFM-15Handsfree Microphone kit new original€35.00Photo
Nokia6090HHS-9Cradle Swivel mount new original€6.50Photo
Nokia6090CRD-8Cradle with screw cover used€25.00Photo
Nokia60906090-RTE-2HJ-CCNokia 6090 6091 Refurbished Handset with new Curly Cord€95.00Photo
Nokia60906090-RTE-2HJ-CC-NHNokia 6090 6091 Refurbished Handset with new Curly Cord and new Housings€119.00
Nokia6090HFS-10Loud speaker new original €15.50Photo
Nokia6090MBE-2Transceiver support bracket new€12.50Photo
Nokia6080-60816080-6081-hset cradleHandset Cradle used€19.50Photo
Nokia6080-60816080-6081 - NME-2 NME-2A transceiverTransceiver used €25.00Photo
Nokia6080-6081HSE-6NXHandset used €39.50Photo
Nokia6020Nokia6020Handset, battery & charger, refurbished with new original parts €39.00Photo
Nokia6080/6081HFM-14Handsfree Microphone kit new and used€12.50Photo
Nokia810Nokia-810-handset-Handset used €49.00Photo
Nokia810MKE-1Handset support bracket€4.50Photo
Nokia810810-sim-holderTransceiver sim card holder new original€12.00Photo
Nokia8100700175JTXDW1-R Display unit new €35.00Photo
NokiaCarkit-91Nokia-Carkit-91Nokia Carkit-91 handsfree/charging kit new boxed. For Compatible Nokia handsets such as 6310, 6310i etc.€79.00Photo1
NokiaCarkit-91MCC-1-Carkit-Cradle Carkit cradle used€35.00Photo
NokiaCarkit-91MCC-1-Repair-KitRepair kit, 100% new original€19.90Photo
Nokia Various modelsHFS-12Carkit speaker, various models, new original€7.50Photo
Nokia Various modelsHFM-8Handsfree Microphone kit new€9.50Photo
Nokia CK-7WCK-7W-Bluetooth-CarkitNokia CK-7W Bluetooth carkit new original€45.00Photo
Nokia CK-15WCK-15W-Bluetooth-CarkitNokia CK-15W Bluetooth carkit new €75.00Photo
Nokia CK-7WMBC-15SCK-7W 6230 cradle new€7.50Photo
Nokia CK-7WAXF-15SAntenna Coupler€5.00Photo
Motorola27002700 CompleteComplete carphone used€149.00Photo
Motorola27002700 HandsetHandset used €59.90Photo
Motorola2700Transceiver-2700Transceiver used good condition€25.50Photo
MotorolaHF-850MOT-HF850Motorola Bluetooth Fixed HF-850 Carkit new never used€48.50Photo1
Motorola M8989 Dual BandTransceiver-M8989Transceiver used good condition ***Sim locked to Orange***€15.00Photo
MotorolaM8989SYN9048ACradle (new)€35.00Photo1
MotorolaM8989SYN9048ACradle used (no screw cover)€25.00Photo
MotorolaM900M900 phoneFixed Carphone used €45.00Photo
MotorolaM930M930 phoneFixed Carphone new€95.00Photo
Motorola22002200 HandsetHandset for spares or repair€15.00Photo
Motorola2700 etcCradle 2700Handset cradle used€15.00Photo
Motorola2200Handset 2200Handset used €25.00Photo
MotorolaVarious modelsMotorole HF MicHandsfree microphone various models used€19.00Photo
MotorolaVarious models109893Handset junction box€9.50Photo
MotorolaVarious models2158200Handsfree Microphone new €7.50Photo
MotorolaVarious modelsVarious carphone handsetHandsets for spares - price per unit€15.00Photo
MotorolaVarious modelsCradle, 2200,2500,2700 etcHandset cradle used€15.00Photo
MotorolaVarious modelsCradle with Sim readerHandset cradle with large sim reader€19.50Photo
MotorolaVarious modelsMotorola-Z-BracketCradle Z mounting bracket used€9.50Photo
Motorola Various modelsMotorola-LoomMotorola Loom for various car phone models€39.00Photo
BoschCarphoneHandset used€15.00Photo
Carphone sparesAntennaT Bar AntT bar type antenna new €5.00Photo
Carphone sparesAntennaAnt GSM900-1800Antenna GSM 900-1800€5.00Photo
Carphone sparesAntennaAntenna glass window plate type€5.00Photo
Carphone sparesAntennaPanoramaAntenna glass mounted kit€5.00Photo
Carphone sparesAntennaAllgonAntenna Click type €5.00Photo
Carphone sparesMicrophoneRLC50913Handsfree microphone kit new€7.50Photo
Carphone sparesMicrophoneUniversal handsfree microUniversal handsfree microphone various models€7.50Photo
Carphone sparesSpeakersVarious models brackets or screws missing, each€4.50Photo
Carphone sparesInline Fuses 2A2 Amp3 X 2 amp inline fuse cables with fuses€1.50Photo
Carphone sparesAlfatronixPowerverter used and new€7.50Photo
NokiaCarkit loomPCH-4JCarkit-91 power wiring kit with fuses, plugs into HFU-2 control unit€3.50Photo
NokiaCarkit loomPCU-4Wiring kit with fuses€3.50Photo


Terms & Conditions.

Minimum OrderMinimum order value of 50.00 Euro applies, can be a mixed order of different parts that total 50.00 Euro
OrderingTo order email or contact Whatsapp +353852228555
PaymentsBank transfer for zero fees, or Paypal add 4.8% to total order value (charged by Paypal)
VAT-EuropeAll prices are plus VAT @ 23%. VAT will not apply if you are VAT registered (Excluding Rep of Ireland)
VAT-UKGoods shipped to Mainland UK, customers will not be charged VAT by us.
VAT-Rest of WorldNo VAT-Tax will be charged
DeliveryWe can offer low shipping rates worldwide with DHL by air and GLS by road.
Stock AvailabilityAll products offered are subject to final confirmation on a Proforma Invoice..
Photos shownPhotos on this site are for reference only, we can provide a picture of the part in stock at the time of your inquiry.

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Nokia 6090-6091 9780223 Replacement Curly Cord
Nokia 6090 Power-button Handset power button new original, used also available
Nokia 6090 NME-3 Transceiver unit – used
Nokia 6090 Handset-sim-cover Handset sim cover – fits lots of other models also
Nokia 6090 Transceiver-cover Metal transceiver cover new original
Nokia 6090 Transceiver-shield Metal transceiver internal shield cover
Nokia 6090 Transceiver-cover-plastic Plastic transceiver cover new original
Nokia 6090 Keypad Handset keypad used
Nokia 6090 Handset-conn-cov Plastic handset to loom connection covers
Nokia 6090 Rear-handset-cover Handset rear housing with earpiece speaker included used
Nokia 6090 Front-handset-cov Handset front housing with lens used
Nokia 6090 HFM-15 Handsfree Microphone kit new original
Nokia 6090 HHS-9 Cradle Swivel mount new original
Nokia 6090 CRD-8 Cradle with screw cover used
Nokia 6090 Handset 6090 RTE-2HJ handset refurbished
Nokia 6090 Loom 6090/6081 complete wiring loom used
Nokia 6090 HFS-10 Loud speaker new original
Nokia 6090 Complete 6090 complete carphone used good condition, ***Currently out of stock***
Nokia 6090 MBE-2 Transceiver support bracket new
Nokia 6080-6081 6081-brand-new-boxed Complete new 6081, 100% new never used
Nokia 6080-6081 6080-6081-hset cradle Handset Cradle used
Nokia 6080-6081 6080-6081 – NME-2 NME-2A transceiver Transceiver used
Nokia 6080-6081 HSE-6NX Handset used
Nokia 6020 Nokia6020 Handset, battery & charger, refurbished with new original parts
Nokia 6080/6081 HFM-14 Handsfree Microphone kit new and used
Nokia 810 Nokia-810-handset- Handset used
Nokia 810 MKE-1 Handset support bracket
Nokia 810 810-sim-holder Transceiver sim card holder new original
Nokia 810 0700175JT XDW1-R Display unit new
Nokia Carkit-91 MCC-1-Carkit-Cradle Carkit cradle used
Nokia Carkit-91 MCC-1-Repair-Kit Repair kit, 100% new original
Nokia Various models HFS-12 Carkit speaker, various models, new original
Nokia Various models HFM-8 Handsfree Microphone kit new
Nokia CK-7W CK-7W-Bluetooth-Carkit Nokia CK-7W Bluetooth carkit new original
Nokia CK-15W CK-15W-Bluetooth-Carkit Nokia CK-15W Bluetooth carkit new
Nokia CK-7W MBC-15S CK-7W 6230 cradle new
Nokia CK-7W AXF-15S Antenna Coupler
Motorola 2700 2700 Complete Complete carphone used
Motorola 2700 2700 Handset Handset used
Motorola 2700 Transceiver-2700 Transceiver used good condition
Motorola M8989 Dual Band Transceiver-M8989 Transceiver used good condition ***Sim locked to Orange***
Motorola M8989 M8989-Handset Handset used
Motorola M8989 SYN9048A Cradle used
Motorola M8989 SCN5007D Auxiliary handset new, sim reads from transceiver
Motorola M900 M900 phone Fixed Carphone – used
Motorola M930 M930 phone Fixed Carphone – new
Motorola 2200 2200 Handset Handset for spares or repair
Motorola 2700 etc Cradle 2700 Handset cradle used
Motorola 2500 Handset 2500 Handset used
Motorola Various models Motorole HF Mic Handsfree microphone various models used
Motorola Various models 109893 Handset junction box
Motorola Various models 2158200 Handsfree Microphone new
Motorola Various models Various carphone handset Handsets for spares – price per unit
Motorola Various models Cradle, 2200,2500,2700 etc Handset cradle used
Motorola Various models Cradle with Sim reader Handset cradle with large sim reader
Motorola Various models Motorola-Z-Bracket Cradle Z mounting bracket used
Motorola Various models Motorola-Loom Motorola Loom for various car phone models
Bosch Carphone Handset used
Carphone spares Antenna T Bar Ant T bar type antenna new
Carphone spares Antenna Ant GSM900-1800 Antenna GSM 900-1800
Carphone spares Antenna Antenna glass window plate type
Carphone spares Antenna Panorama Antenna glass mounted kit
Carphone spares Antenna Allgon Antenna Click type
Carphone spares Microphone RLC50913 Handsfree microphone kit new
Carphone spares Microphone Universal handsfree micro Universal handsfree microphone various models
Carphone spares Speakers Various models brackets or screws missing, each
Carphone spares Inline Fuses 2A 2 Amp 3 X 2 amp inline fuse cables with fuses
Carphone spares  Powerverter Alfatronix Powerverter used and new
Nokia Carkit loom PCH-4J Carkit-91 power wiring kit with fuses, plugs into HFU-2 control unit
Nokia Carkit loom PCU-4 Wiring kit with fuses


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