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Product Code Description
GH97-16565B Sam N910F Note 4 LCD assembly Black
GH97-16565A Sam N910F Note 4 LCD Assembly White
GH97-16386E Sam G850 Alpha LCD assy Silver
GH97-16386D Sam G850 Alpha LCD assy White
GH97-16386C Sam G850 Alpha LCD assy Blue
GH97-16386B Sam G850 Alpha LCD assy Gold
GH97-16386A Sam G850 Alpha LCD assy Black
GH97-16147D Sam S5 Mini G800F LCD Gold
GH97-16147B Sam s5 G800F mini white
GH97-16147A Sam s5 G800F mini black
GH97-15959D Sam S5 G900F LCD Assy Gold (GH97-15734D)
GH97-15959B Sam S5 G900F LCD assembly Black (replaces 15734B)
GH97-15959A Sam S5 G900F LCD Assembly White (GH97-15734A)
GH97-15734D Sam S5 G900F LCD Assy Gold [GH97-15959D]
GH97-15734B Sam S5 G900F LCD Assembly Black
GH97-15734A Sam S5 G900F LCD Assembly White
GH97-15707L Sam S4 Value i9515 Deep Black LCD
GH97-15707A S4 i9515 LCD Assembly
GH97-15631A Sam i9195 S4 Mini LCD assembly Deep Black
GH97-15556A Sam SM-T320 Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4  White ETC ASSY-LCD ASSY(SVC/
GH97-15540C Sam SM-N7505 Galaxy Note 3 Neo Green MEA FRONT-OCTA ASSY(SVC
GH97-15540B Sam SM-N7500 / N7505 Note 3 Neo LCD assy White
GH97-15540A Sam SM-N7500 / N7505 Note 3 Neo LCD Assembly Black
GH97-15539B Sam SM-T525 Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1 Black MEA FRONT-LCD ASSY(SVC
GH97-15539A Sam SM-T520 Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1  White MEA FRONT-LCD ASSY(SV
GH97-15510A Sam SM-P900 Galaxy Note Pro 12.2  Black MEA FRONT-LCD ASSY(S
GH97-15509A Sam SM-P905 Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 Black MEA FRONT-LCD ASSY(SV
GH97-15505B Sam SM-T110 Tab 3 Lite 7.0  Ebony Black MEA FRONT-LCD ASSY(S
GH97-15505A Sam SM-T110 Tab 3 Lite 7.0  Cream White MEA FRONT-LCD ASSY(S
GH97-15472B Sam i9301 S3 Neo LCD Black
GH97-15472A Sam i9301 S3 Neo LCD White
GH97-15249A Sam SM-P605 Note 10.1 White LCD
GH97-15209F Sam N9005 Note 3 Black Gold lte
GH97-15209E Sam N9005 Note 3 White Gold LTE
GH97-15209B Sam Note 3 N9005 LCD White (alt. GH97-15107B)
GH97-15209A Sam Note 3 LCD Assy Black
GH97-15202B Sam i9506 LCD Assy Black
GH97-15202A Sam i9506 LCD Assy White
GH97-15107C Sam N9005 galaxy note 3 pink
GH97-15107B Sam Note 3 N9005 LCD White (alt GH97-15209B)
GH97-15107A Sam Note 3 N9005 LCD Assy Black
GH97-15090A Sam SM-V700 Galaxy Gear  Black MEA-BAND R (SM-V700)
GH97-15083A Sam SN-900 Note 3 LCD Assy
GH97-15066B Sam i9195T LCD Assy Black
GH97-15066A Sam i9195T LCD assy White
GH97-15011A Sam SM-V700 Galaxy Gear  Black MEA FRONT-OCTA(SM-V700)
GH97-14915A Sam SM-T311 Galaxy Tab 3  8.0 MEA FRONT-LCD(SVC/WHT)
GH97-14819A Sam GT-P5210  Galaxy Tab 3 10.1  White MEA FRONT-OCTA LCD(SV
GH97-14790C Sam SM-T310 Galaxy Tab 3  8.0  Red MEA FRONT-LCD ASSY(SVC/RE
GH97-14790B Sam SM-T310 Galaxy Tab 3  8.0  Gold Brown MEA FRONT-LCD(SVC/
GH97-14790A Sam SM-T310 Galaxy Tab 3  8.0  WIFI MEA FRONT-LCD(SVC/WHT)
GH97-14766J Sam i9195 S4 mini yellow
GH97-14766H Sam i9195 S4 mini orange
GH97-14766G Sam i9195 S4 mini pink
GH97-14766F Sam i9300 Mea Front Octa Red
GH97-14766E Sam ii9195 S4 mini Front Octa Purple
GH97-14766C Sam i9195 Front Octa Blue
GH97-14766B Sam GT-I9195 Galaxy S4 mini White  LTE MEA FRONT-OCTA LCD(SV
GH97-14766A Sam GT-I9195 Galaxy S4 mini Black  LTE MEA FRONT-OCTA LCD(SV
GH97-14757A Sam i9150-i9152 Mega 5.8 LCD Assy
GH97-14754C Sam SM-T2105  Galaxy Tab 3 Kids 7.0 MEA FRONT-LCD (SVC/YELL)
GH97-14751B Sam i9205 MEA FRONT-LCD SVC (GT_I9200) WHITE
GH97-14751A Sam GT-I9205 Galaxy Mega 6.3 LTE  Black MEA FRONT-LCD SVC(GT
GH97-14743B Sam i9295 LCD Assy Blue
GH97-14743A Sam i9295 LCD Assy Grey
GH97-14727B Not valid
GH97-14666B Sam i9500 Black FRONT-OCTA LCD ASSY
GH97-14666A Sam i9500 White MEA FRONT-OCTA LCD ASSY
GH97-14655L Sam i9505 LCD Deep Black edition
GH97-14655G Sam i9505 LCD Assy Pink
GH97-14655F Sam i9505 LCD Red
GH97-14655E Sam i9505 LCD Brown
GH97-14655D Sam i9505 LCD Purple
GH97-14655C Sam i9505 LCD Blue
GH97-14655B Samsung i9505 S4 LCD Black
GH97-14655A Samsung i9505 S4 LCD White
GH97-14630F Sam i9500 LCD Assy Red
GH97-14630D Sam i9500 MEA Front OCTA ASSY(SVC/ZP)
GH97-14630C Sam i9500 LCD Assy Blue
GH97-14630B Sam i9500 LCD Module Black Mist
GH97-14630A Sam i9500 LCD Module White Frost
GH97-14457A Sam S3 Mini LaFleur i8190 LCD assy
GH97-14427B Sam i8730 Galaxy Express LCD Titan Gray
GH97-14427A Sam i8730 Galaxy Express LCD White
GH97-14411A Sam GT-I9505  Galaxy S4  Blue ASSY WINDOW BRACKET-GT_I9500
GH97-14301B Sam i9105 S2 Plus White LCD assy
GH97-14301A Sam GT-I9105 Galaxy SII plus Blue MEA FRONT-OCTA LCD ASSY(SV
GH97-14210A Sam i8750 LCD Assy Grey
GH97-14204F Sam I8190 Galaxy S3 mini  Garnet Red MEA FRONT-OCTA LCD A
GH97-14204E Sam GT-I8190 Galaxy S3 mini  Brown MEA FRONT-OCTA LCD ASSY(S
GH97-14204D Sam i8190 – 8190N LCD assy Grey
GH97-14204C Sam i8190 S3 Mini LCD Assy Black
GH97-14204B Sam i8190 Galaxy S3 mini Blue LCD Assy
GH97-14204A Sam i8190 Galaxy S3 mini  Ceramic White LCD
GH97-14201B Sam GT-N8020 Galaxy Note 10.1 LTE  White ETC ASSY-LCD ASSY
GH97-14114B Sam N7105 LTE LCD assy Grey
GH97-14114A Sam N7105 LTE LCD assy White
GH97-14112F Samsung N7100 LCD assembly Pink
GH97-14112E Samsung N7100 LCD assembly Blue
GH97-14112D Samsung N7100 LCD assembly Red
GH97-14112C Samsung N7100 LCD assembly Brown
GH97-14112B Sam N7100 LCD assy Grey
GH97-14112A Sam N7100 LCD Assy White
GH97-14106E Sam i9305 LCD Brown
GH97-14106D Sam i9305 LCD assy Blue
GH97-14106C Sam GT-I9305 Galaxy SIII LTE Ceramic White MEA FRONT-OCTA L
GH97-14106B Sam i9305 LCD assembly Black
GH97-14106A Sam i9305 Galaxy S3 LTE Gray LCD MEA FRONT-OCTA
GH97-13957A Sam N8000 Galaxy Note 10.1 Deep Gray ETC ASSY-LCD ASSY(SV
GH97-13871A Sam N8000 Galaxy Note 10.1 White
GH97-13719B Sam S3 i9300 LCD assy White
GH97-13719A Sam S3 i9300 LCD assy Blue
GH97-13708A Sam S7530 OMNIA M Deep Gray MEA FRONT-OCTA LCD (SVC)
GH97-13630F Sam i9300 LCD assy Grey
GH97-13630E Sam i9300 LCD assy Black
GH97-13630D Sam i9300 LCD Assy Brown
GH97-13630C Sam i9300 LCD Garnet Red
GH97-13630B Samsung i9300 LCD Front Assembly White
GH97-13630A Samsung i9300 LCD Front Assembly Ocean Blue
GH97-13560B Sam GT-P3100 Galaxy Tab 2 7.0   White ETC ASSY-LCD ASSY
GH97-13560A Sam GT-P3100 Tab 2 7.0  Titanum Silver LCD Assy
GH97-13538B Sam ETC Assy LCD
GH97-13538A Sam P5100 Galaxy Tab II Titanium Silver ETC ASSY-LCD ASS
GH97-13277B Sam I9070 Galaxy S Advance  Ceramic White MEA FRONT-OCTA LCD
GH97-13277A Sam i9070 Front Cover + Display Unit Black
GH97-13117A Sam i9210 LCD Assembly
GH97-13092A Sam  P6800 Galaxy Tab 7.7
GH97-13080A Sam i9100 LCD Assy Pink
GH97-13025A Sam P6200 White Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus MEA FRONT-LCD ASSY (SVC)
GH97-12986A Sam I8350 OMNIA W  Black MEA FRONT-OCTA LCD_I8350_SVC
GH97-12948C Sam N7000 Galaxy Note Pink Fr LCD assy
GH97-12948B Sam N7000 Galaxy Note White MEA Front Octa LCD Assy
GH97-12948A Sam N7000 Fr Cover + Display Unit Carbon Blue
GH97-12865A Sam Galaxy i9100 white MEA FRONT-OCTA LCD ASSY(-CAM);GT-I910
GH97-12732A Sam P7300 Gal Tab 8.9 Wht MEA FRONT-LCD ASSY (GT-P7310)
GH97-12712A Sam i9100 Galaxy SII MEA Front Octa LCD White
GH97-12693A Sam i9103 Fr Cover & Display Unit Met Black
GH97-12625A Sam i9100 MEA Front Octa LCD Assy Black
GH97-12511A Sam GT-P7500 Galaxy Tab 10.1 Black MEA FRONT-LCD ASSY (P4)
GH97-12371C GT-I9001 Galaxy S Plus White LCD assy
GH97-12371B Sam I9001 Galaxy S Plus  Ceramic White MEA FRON
GH97-12371A Sam i9001 Fr Cover + Display Met Blk
GH97-12354C Sam i9100G LCD Pink
GH97-12354B Sam i9100G LCD White
GH97-12354A Sam i9100 (G) LCD & Fr Cover Black
GH97-12345A Use GH97-12354a
GH97-12175A Sam Galaxt i9100 MEA FRONT-OCTA LCD ASSY(OLD)
GH97-12156A Sam S8530 Black MEA-BRACKET+SUPER LCD
GH97-12010A Sam I9023 Black Silver VDF MEA FRONT-SUPER LCD AS
GH97-11829A Sam i9003 MEA Front Super LCD Assy
GH97-11757A Sam S8530 BlackMEA-BRACKET+SUPER LCD
GH97-11714A Sam I9020 Black silver, Nexus S Front OCTA LCD EU Blk
GH97-11685A Sam I9010 Black MEA FRONT-OCTA LCD ASSY (EU)
GH97-11612A Sam I8700 Black MEA FRONT-OCTA LCD ASSY
GH97-11527A Sam P1000 Chic White – Galaxy Tab
GH97-11467A Sam i9000 Galaxy S LCD &Touch Comp Fr
GH97-11216A Sam S8500 MEA Bracket + Octa LCD
GH97-11186A Sam i9000 LCD Unit Black MEA Front
GH97-10484A Sam S7550 Battery Cover Solar Ocean Blue
GH97-09923A Sam L310 Unit Con to Con
GH97-09683A Sam J700i Slide FPCB Kit
GH97-09490A Sam M3200 Slide FPCB Kit
GH97-09480A Sam S3030 MEA-Slide FPCB kit
GH97-08787A Sam U900 Flex Slide
GH97-08598A Sam J700 MEA Slider FPCB Kit
GH97-08490A Sam F250 MEA-Slide FPCB Kit
GH97-08471A Sam F110 FPCB Kit
GH97-08391A Sam i560 MEA FPCB Kit
GH97-08361A Sam D880 Slider FPCB Kit
GH97-08297A Sam z630 MEA Slide FPCB Kit
GH97-08264A Sam i640v MEA Slide FPCB Kit
GH97-08219A Sam U700 MEA Slide FPCB
GH97-08172A Sam E250D MEA Slide FPCB
GH97-08116A Sam I400 MEA Slide FPCB Kit
GH97-08113A Sam J750 MEA Slider FPCB Kit
GH97-08112A Sam J750 LCD Module Kit
GH97-08111A Sam M610 MEA-FPCB KIT
GH97-08027A Sam G600 MEA-FPCB kit
GH97-08026A Sam G600 LCD Module Kit
GH97-08005A Sam J600 MEA Slide FPCB Kit
GH97-07961A Sam L760V Ebony Black LCD Kit
GH97-07960A Sam L760V Ebony Black MEA Slide FPCB Kit
GH97-07862A Sam M600 MEA FPCB Kit
GH97-07815A Sam E740
GH97-07781A Sam S720i MEA-SLIDE FPCB KIT
GH97-07767A Sam J600 MEA Slide FPCB Kit
GH97-07709A Sam U700 MEA Slide FPCB Kit
GH97-07708A Sam S730i Slide FPCB kit
GH97-07677A Sam E840 Slide FPCB Kit
GH97-07660A Sam i520v MEA-FPC Kit
GH97-07523A Sam D900i Slider FPCB Kit
GH97-07522A Sam D900i LCD
GH97-07452A Sam U600 MEA Slide FPCB Kit
GH97-07407A Sam E830 MEA-SLIDER FPCB Kit
GH97-06896A Sam E390 MEA-Slider PPCB kit
GH97-06882A Sam C300 MEA-Slide FPCB Kit
GH97-06873A Sam E250 Slide FPCB Kit
GH97-06865A Sam Z720 Slide FPCB Kit
GH97-06774A Sam X530 MEA Slide FPCB kit
GH97-06605A Sam Z630 FPCB Kit
GH97-06351A Sam D900 MEA FPCB Module Kit
GH97-06309A Sam D900 FPCB Module Kit
GH97-06223A Sam D840 Slide FPCB Kit
GH97-05868A Sam E370 FPCB Module Kit
GH97-05723A Sam i750
GH97-05579A Sam D520 MEA-Slide FPCB Kit
GH97-05501A Sam D820 Slide FPCB Kit
GH97-05331A Sam D800 Flide FPCB Kit
GH97-05210A Sam Z320i Slide FPCB Kit
GH97-05204A Sam D410 Slide FPCB Kit
GH97-05047A Sam D500 LCD
GH97-04953A Sam E850
GH97-04948A Sam E800 MEA Slide FPCB Kit
GH97-04933A Sam E800 MEA Slide FPCB Kit
GH97-04931A Sam E350 FPCB Cable
GH97-04930A Sam D600 MEA-Slide FPCB lit
GH97-04929A Sam D500 MES-Slide FPCB Kit
GH97-01195A Sam SGH-C120 LCD MODULE SGH-F700